Thinking of Applying? – Voices from an MBP Fellow

The Marshall Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project was by far the most meaningful experience of my law school career. The program gave me the opportunity to genuinely engage with the Hartford community and also challenged me to master the skills of oral advocacy and Constitutional Law such that I could communicate those concepts and skills in a clear way to our students.  While the program takes a lot of time and energy, it never felt like work. It was such a joy for me to partner with my co-teaching fellow to form lessons plans, and to see which aspects of our lesson plan were attractive to the students. It is so easy for me to point to MBP as the most meaningful law school experience because nothing I did while in school compares to the pride and joy I felt at watching the students present effective oral arguments before law school professors and use case precedent so creatively. I am currently a civil rights attorney with a focus on education and my short experience teaching and learning from my students informs the work that I do everyday.  I hope that this program becomes a staple at UConn and in Hartford public schools.

-Rebecca Kelly Arnold, ’12, co-founder of the UConn chapter of MBP and 2012 MBP Fellow.