Law students who are selected to participate in the Marshall-Brennan Project will be teaching in a high school classroom and be enrolled in the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project seminar at the law school. Each of these is described in greater detail below.

The High School Classroom. During the Spring semester, Marshall-Brennan Fellows will work in two-person teams to design and teach a course in constitutional law for juniors and seniors at Bulkeley High School in the south end of Hartford. While Fellows will be afforded some latitude in deciding which areas of constitutional law will serve as the instructional foundations of the course, in past years we have found that students are most excited about the First, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments. As the primary classroom teachers, Fellows will be responsible for developing and delivering lessons, as well as writing and grading assessments. In addition to developing students’ understanding of constitutional law, Marshall-Brennan Fellows will also help to develop their capacity for critical thinking and oral advocacy by preparing students to participate in a moot court competition at UConn Law School. Fellows should expect to teach at the high school every other day for 90 minutes.

The Marshall-Brennan Seminar. Throughout the Spring semester, Marshall-Brennan Fellows will meet every Wednesday from 6-8pm at the law school to review content pedagogy and instructional best practices, as well as to collaborate on curriculum design and lesson planning.

Law students will earn three credits for their participation in this program.



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